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Quality products. Custom solutions. Dependable support. Protherm's reputation for outstanding, personalized service has won over clients across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Whether you need a single gasket, or a whole new boiler house, Protherm has the quality parts and engineering expertise to solve your problems today, and offer you ongoing support tomorrow.

  Industries Served

Food Plants
Chemical Plants
Pet Food Plants
Oil Refining
          Pharmaceutical Plants
University Power Plants
Can Manufacturing Plants
Engineering Consultants
Steam Plants
Grain Processing Plants
Ethanol Plants
          Power Utilities
Automotive Manufacturing
Biofuels Plants
Machinery Manufacturing
Metals Processing Plants
Mechanical Contractors
...and more!

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                    John Wiesehan
President, MSME
Registered Professional Engineer
Licensed Stationary Engineer
Cell: 314-412-6720

Marilyn Wiesehan

Mike Braun
Licensed Stationary Engineer
Cell: 314-299-4929
Keri Dowell
Inside Sales &
Office Management
Robert Wiesehan
Accounts & Bookkeeping